Pixelmator Beta Workflow Question

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-09-13 01:33:13

Can I get rid of iCloud Drive files once I re-save a previously edited photo using the new workflow? Will it re-save as a hidden file?
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2019-09-13 14:39:41

When using the new workflow, the linked files are automatically saved and hidden but the location isn't iCloud Drive, it's on your iPad. If you want to manage those files, you can go to Settings > Pixelmator Photo and turn off Hide Linked Files. Or is the question about duplicate files being created each time you open an edited photo? If so, there's just one file per photo, so each time you open/resave, that one file will be updated.
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2019-09-13 17:06:32

Ok so 2 questions. If I restore my iPad my Pixelmator work goes away? And second, related to my original question, if I have an existing Pixelmator iCloud Drive file and open in the 1.1 Beta, and save it, will it transition to the new hidden file or update the existing Pixelmator Photo file on iCloud Drive?
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2019-09-17 12:57:39

Yes, if you reset your iPad, app data will be erased, so the 'edit' files will be gone but your edited photos will remain intact when those edits are saved to your iCloud Photos library.

As for existing files, they won't transfer to the hidden linked files and they'll just be opened to keep things simple as not all files are associated with photos in your library and you might not necessarily want them to transfer over.