Beta 1.1 feedback

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-09-06 20:00:40

Just started started testing with the 1.1 beta version and loving the new workflow options and the very well implemented vignette tool!
Small bug if you are in the photos app and use the open in Pixelmator Photo option via the share sheet. I’ve had it try to open Photo and just sit with a spinning icon. Closing out and trying again, I can get it Photo to open but it opens at the Photo browse page. It would be good if it could open the photo up in edit mode although this may be a limitation of the beta using iOS 12 or unavoidable using the new workflow method?

More feedback to follow once I get my teeth into it. Just wishing for a clarity adjustment tool to show up alongside noise reduction! Not that I ask for too much or anything.
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2019-09-08 08:07:45

Hey Donka, glad to hear you're enjoying the beta! We'll look into this bug and I also look forward to reading more of your comments about the latest version.
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2019-09-08 11:48:51

May I participate in the test too? Are there certain requirements for eligibility?
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2019-09-08 12:48:45

No requirements other than having a compatible device, just send us an email at with the Apple ID you use for TestFlight.
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2019-09-08 13:08:27

Thank you very much, done.
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2019-09-08 13:36:26

Invite sent!
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2019-09-17 13:00:02

Hi Andrius,

I have found a weird issue and not sure if it is related to the beta or was there previously.
If you convert an image to black and white and adjust any of the sliders and then adjust the black point, it appears that anything clipping in black turns white instead of pure black.
If you don’t adjust any of the colour sliders under black and white, you can then adjust the black point as much as you like without the white appearing.
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2019-09-17 13:09:39

Interesting, looks like the same issue is present in Pixelmator Pro and you seem to be the first to come across it (or at least report it) in either app. Thanks, we'll fix it!
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2019-09-17 13:46:45

Is there a beta for Pixelmator Pro as I’m happy to test in there too?
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2019-09-17 15:07:14

Yeah, beta versions aren't quite as common as with Pixelmator Photo but you can sign up for the beta program here. We'll most likely be testing the 1.5 major update publicly, so you can look forward to that.
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2019-09-20 20:12:52

The issue with the black point in beta 2 is much improved but still there at the extremes. Will test some more.
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2019-09-23 10:08:56

I believe we're still working on that, actually, but thanks for the update!