GPR not supported?

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2019-08-19 12:03:25

See my question in Titel.
Are there plans to support the RAW GoPro files?


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2019-08-19 12:51:11

Hey Robin,

At this time, we're using the native iOS RAW engine for the base processing of RAW images, after which we apply our own color model and additional adjustments for full RAW decoding/preprocessing. So, in order to support GoPro RAW files, support for this format would need to be added to iOS at the system level. This doesn't seem to be available on iOS 13 but it might be added with a future RAW compatibility update. If this were to happen, we'd be able to take advantage of it in Pixelmator Photo without any additional updates from us.
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2019-08-19 12:53:20

Ok, thanks for the informations!👌