Need help with blending two different skin tone color

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2019-08-12 04:16:26

I am looking for some guidance to blend two skin tone color to match. This is a photo that has a face replace and need help matching and making it look realistic. any help would be great. let me know asap cause I really need the help. thanks

the image below is what I need help with, I have a Pixelmator file with the split layer if that helps let me know where to send it to.

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2019-08-12 05:14:20

Hi Bryan.
There are three tips I've got (maybe others can come up with more):
1. Use a mask to soften the edges of the top layer. First, if possible start with the top image cut out bigger than you need it. Then right click on the layer and select "Add Mask". Paint in black on the mask to make the layer transparent. If you use a brush with a soft edge, you can blend the layers together.
2. Color Blend Mode. Add a new blank layer above the other two and change its blend mode from Normal to Color. Use the eye dropper to take colour from the donor face and paint over join and the lower layer. Subtlety is the key here so use different samples and semi-transparent brushes and sprays. Human skin is not just one colour so you want to keep some variance.
3. Soft light (optional). Add a new blank layer between the two source layers. Change its blend mode to Soft Light. Paint in neutral greys on this layer. Lighter than mid-grey will lighten the layers below, darker will darken. This can sort out differences in tone that the Colour won't touch. If you end up with the greyness making the skin a bit too grey, use the Colour Blend layer to get the colour back or paint on the Soft Light layer with coloured paints. You can get similar results by using dodge and burn on the lower layer but I rather like the ability to just delete the layer and start again if I make a mess of it.
Hope some of this helps.
- Stef.
P.S. You've posted this in the Pixelmator Photo part of the forum. I'm guessing that you're using Pixelmator, not Pixelmator Photo (since that doesn't have layers).
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2019-08-13 01:12:09

for some reason I still can not get the skin to match. I must be doing something wrong cause this aint working for me