Setting Focal point & IOS13 support

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-07-13 04:40:51

2 Questions:
1. Can you adjust a certain area a focal point in a photo to make a portrait effect?
2. I am running iPadOS beta 3, I cannot edit photos right on the Files app, will it support this function in later updates? I found it frustrating to import photos into the pixelamator app one by one...

Thanks in advanced!
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2019-07-17 12:19:02

Hey Preston, for now, local adjustments aren't really available in Pixelmator Photo, other than those based on image colors or tones (like Highlights, Shadows, Selective Color). We do plan to add this in the future but in this particular case, are you looking to blur or darken the background? I'm guessing you're looking for something similar to Portrait mode that the iPhone camera has.

Yes, we're planning to make it possible to edit images without importing them.