Lost all my custom preset

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2019-07-08 05:09:32

I had to delete Pixelmator Photo and redownload it from the App store because I had some problems with iTunes keeps asking for iCloud password when launching Pixelmator Photo.

I have the 1 TB iPad Pro, and I have several hundred GB's of Pixelmator Photo data files. I don't have this backed up to iCloud because of the size constraint.

So, can you create some kind of iCloud backup differentiation, one for settings only and one for data file? I had many custom presets, I'm quite irked they're gone. Yes it's my bad, but there doesn't seem a way to save these presets either.
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2019-07-08 14:20:51

Pixelmator Photo doesn't currently offer an automatic way to backup presets but one thing you could do to avoid your favorite presets getting lost is export your entire preset collection manually and store it on your device. You can do that via the Share menu available by tapping the Custom collection badge in the presets bar. A dedicated .adjustments file will be created in a chosen folder on your iPad and, if needed, you'll simply have to open this file to import all your presets back to Pixelmator Photo.