A Mac Version

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-06-23 16:35:35

Pixelmator Photo is really powerful tool. I really really hope it will make it's way into Mac version soon, especially now the Project Catalyst is ready!
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2019-06-28 08:23:24

Maybe, maybe...
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2019-07-04 09:21:20

A Mac version would be great. This way it would be possible to get the same results, no matter which device you use. Since the editet images are often saved back to the photos library, a consistent look on every device is what people need.
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2019-07-06 16:20:20

It was one of the things that I really liked in Lightroom CC, you could consistent results no matter which device you were using.
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2019-10-23 15:07:27

Is Pixelmator (pro) able to open Pixelmator Photo Files?
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2019-10-23 15:24:23

Not just yet, but some compatibility is on our roadmap for the future!