Bug in PP 1.0.6?

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-06-14 07:30:06

When I duplicate a photo in the Apple Photos app, and then open either the original or the duplicate photo in PP, the “Modify original in Photos” option is blanked out. This should not be happening. I often like to process a image in two different ways, hence the necessity to duplicate the image.

Is this a Bug, and could you please fix it in a future update? Thanks!
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2019-06-14 12:58:22

Hi there, this is somewhat of a bug but it's a very complex situation. The Share extension we've created isn't really made for the purpose that we're using it for — it's just for sending over photos, not 'opening them for editing', so to speak. On macOS, there's an "Edit With" feature in Photos that shares the exact photo and automatically lets us save back to the same photo. Share extensions just give us a file and no reference to it within the library (though there are some workarounds that can be used to find out the photo). For a variety of reasons, sometimes it's impossible for us to know exactly which photo has been shared and this applies to photos that have been duplicated. Right now, there's nothing we can do to fix this — fingers crossed the Photos app gets an Edit With feature one day. However, one thing you can do is import the photo using the photo browser in Pixelmator Photo. In those cases, we know exactly which photo to save back to.
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2019-06-14 14:15:32

Hello Andy, thanks for the suggestion of importing from within PP. Let’s hope iOS13 will sort this issue.
Best wishes.