Random Deleted Images Are Reappearing

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2019-06-07 20:58:46

I just noticed that one photo I previously (and repeatedly) have deleted in Pixelmator Photo keeps coming back if I leave the app and then return to it.

Given this glitch and the other issues I’ve had just trying to load a photo into the app, I can’t help wondering why this app was released at this point. (I also don’t understand the glowing reviews.)

I’m on an iPad Pro 9.7 and it seems I keep running into glitches and bugs. Not what I expected.

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2019-06-10 09:10:10

I might be starting to sound like a broken record but, if you haven't done so already, could you please shoot us an email at support@pixelmator.com about this and the other issues you're having? What you're experiencing sounds unusual so, with your help, we'd love to reproduce this ourselves and possibly invite you to our beta program so you could receive a version with a fix before it's publicly available on the App Store.
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2019-06-10 14:30:50

Hi Andrius,

Just a heads up that I have something similar, old deleted photos from Pixelmator showing up in Photo even though they are nowhere to be found in iCloud.
I’ll drop a mail in this but it was reported during the beta. They show up under recents but if you tap on it, it gives a message that the image doesn’t exist.
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2019-06-11 08:50:52

Thanks for the heads-up — certainly a strange issue but one that we'd love to pin down with your help, if possible.