Export & share to other app not working.

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2019-05-23 15:03:50

Not sure if this is a Pixelmator Photo issue or a general iOS issue but if you edit in Photo and select export, select your format then select the destination as share to another app, the original appears to open in the other app and not the edited version. If you export the file to Photos though, the edits are in place.
This is in the current Photo beta.
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2019-05-23 15:36:19

I wasn't able to repro this when sharing an edited image via Share > Export to the Files app, but maybe there are some other steps that cause this bug to occur. Would you maybe be able to share a screen recording with us at support@pixelmator.com showing this issue in action?
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2019-05-23 19:27:38


I did some more testing and it seems this only affects the Darkroom app - it was the only photo editing app with share to feature that I had installed at the time. Tried another couple of apps now and they accept the edited file so looks like it is a Darkroom issue.