Is there a suggested workflow for preparing photos for Adobe Stock

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2019-04-22 01:52:43

Thanks in advance
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2019-04-23 11:25:04

I can see that on the Adobe Stock site, the requirements for stock images are as follows:

JPEG format only
Minimum image resolution is 4MP
Maximum image resolution is 100MP
Maximum file size is 45MB

Or are you looking for more stylistic rather than technical guidance?
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2019-04-25 00:34:04

Yes I have a photo that was rejected due to artefacts. I'm assuming part of this was noise on the photo.
Is there a tutorial on how to remove noise, improve shadows, adjust exposure etc.
Thanks again
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2019-04-25 07:42:11

Would you mind sharing the photo here? There are different types of artifacts so with an example photo, I could provide some advice on how to remove the ones in your photo, if it's possible.
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2019-05-01 00:02:54

Thank you. I noticed that the picture was taken as an HEIC picture. Maybe this could be part of the problem ?
I can't seem to upload the picture as it says the submitted form was invalid
Thanks again.
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2019-05-01 07:04:28

I would guess, based on the message you got, that it wasn't due to the fact it was a HEIC. Though the error on the forum could have been caused by that as HEIC images aren't supported in web browsers at this time.
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2019-05-01 09:20:08

Ok, thank you. I will switch to jpg from now on and see how I get on.