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2020-03-02 16:42:44

Thinking of upgrading to Pro to do infrared photo editing but before I do there is a few things I need know. I have seen a tutorial using LR and PS and was wondering if it could be adapted for PP? So, can you install a custom camera profile when you load a raw image in Pixelmator Pro, also can you adjust the levels to swap your highlights and shadow?
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2020-03-03 09:56:13

Hey Huw, if I've understood correctly, a camera profile is basically a default preset (with some additional advanced settings) for all images opened in ACR that have been taken with a particular camera. Because our adjustments are different from those found in Lightroom, importing a LR profile wouldn't really get you the same results, so this isn't a feature that we've attempted to support. However, you can create color adjustments presets in Pixelmator Pro, which should cover most if not all of your workflow?

As for swapping shadows and highlights, are we talking about inverting the colors/tones of a photo, or something different? If it's inverting, you can use the Invert adjustment or even the Curves adjustment, which gives you more control. To be honest, seeing as we have a free trial of Pixelmator Pro, my advice would be to just check out the app and see if you get stuck with anything. Here's a link to that free trial: https://www.pixelmator.com/pro/free-trial/

And finally, welcome to the forum!
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2020-03-03 19:17:03

I am not referring to LR profile, I am referring to an Adobe colour profile created for a specific infra red camera which many photographic applications can use. A custom colour profile can help overcome a limited default white balance.Do you have any videos or tutorials on editing infra red with Pixelmator?
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2020-03-05 09:57:11

Ah, in that case, apologies for the misunderstanding — we don't have any tutorials on infrared editing but if you could let me know in more detail what kind of tools you use and what edits you make, I'd do my best to see if you could do something similar in Pixelmator Pro.
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2020-04-25 23:24:20

I created a review using Pixelmator Photo (iPad) with Infrared photos, no custom profile required. If the white balance on the desktop version works the same, then it should be fine for editing IR photos.

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2020-04-26 15:30:50

Great work Rob, really nice overview, and yes, the two apps work pretty much the same way when it comes to color adjustments!