Image Level Adjustment

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2019-12-12 16:33:02

In Pixelmator Pro Help the following instructions are given:
Black point: Dragging the black point...
Grey point: Dragging the grey point slider...
White point: Dragging the white point slider...
Quarter-tone: Dragging these sliders affects only the tones between either the shadows and midtones...

The problem is, there is no Grey Point, White Point, nor Quarter-tone sliders, there is only Back Point...
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2019-12-12 18:47:35

This is what I see... the labels are mine and the quarter-tone arrows only appear after you mouse-over the thing... but otherwise, pretty much what I see.


What do you see?
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2019-12-12 22:54:52

Thank you! Seems they need to refine the explanation a bit...
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2019-12-13 08:09:13

by ibaconi 2019-12-12 22:54:52 Thank you! Seems they need to refine the explanation a bit...
Usually, I'd completely agree with you, but in this case, the information is there — you simply skipped step 1 of those instructions.
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2019-12-19 03:15:59

Actual instructions:
1- Choose Format > Color Adjustments > Levels (from the Format menu at the top of your screen).
2-Drag the sliders below the histogram in the Levels adjustment to manually adjust the levels of an image.
[what histogram?]
Actually one has to go to "color adjustments" [top right] and click "add", then go down and click on "Levels". You THEN get a levels
histogram which has not 5, but 3 sliders (none of which are labeled). You have to find the other two, and none of them are labeled,
you added labels which should have been included in the instructions (in addition to the need to click on "add" in color adjustments.)
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2019-12-19 08:04:01

There are five things I want you to know.
1. I believe in telling the truth, even if it will cause someone pain or make them angry.
2. I don't seek to cause pain and so will try to tell my truth in a way that will cause least damage.
3. I don't work for Pixelmator so if something I say upsets you, you know to talk to me about it, not get upset at the company.
4. I believe you have completely misunderstood item 1 of the instructions. And I mean completely. Read it again. Read it out loud. Read the bit in brackets first for context. But from what you have said underneath it looks like you just haven't parsed that sentence.
5. I think that you have a truly magnificent beard.
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2019-12-19 09:49:30

Just to add to this, the reason I used the menu way for the default option in the user manual is that it's the easiest to find for someone completely unfamiliar with the interface and it doesn't even require you to choose the Color Adjustments tool. Of course, knowing that there's an Add button complicates things because you intuitively want to look there but we'll be removing the Add button (and make all the adjustments visible by default) in order to avoid situations like this. And because I feel a little mean for not explicitly saying what I meant, here's a screenshot of the location that step 1 should direct you to:


Also, awesome beard!