[Quick Tip] Instantly create a mask from any layer using clipping masks

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2019-05-23 12:13:45

Clipping masks let you effortlessly clip the contents of one layer to the shape of another — even layer groups and nested shapes! So you can create a mask from any layer in your composition with just a click. To create a clipping mask, hold down the Option key and click between two layers in the Layers sidebar or Control-click a layer and choose Create Clipping Mask.

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2019-09-20 18:44:39

Where can I go to find out more about clipping masks. I don't understand your little example.
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2019-09-23 09:21:30

We've got a tutorial on this very topic, actually! You can find it here:

https://www.pixelmator.com/tutorials/re ... ing-masks/
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2020-12-03 18:11:57

Thank you