[Quick Tip] Convert selections into shapes

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2019-05-23 12:02:41

Easily create vector shapes from selections in your images — just Control-click an active selection with a selection tool and choose Convert into Shape.

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2020-02-18 01:04:50

How do you achieve this quick select in Pixelmator?
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2020-02-18 14:37:42

In the original Pixelmator? Or Pixelmator Pro? Actually, in both cases, it's the Quick Selection tool. In Pixelmator Pro, you can choose it from Tools > Select > Quick Selection, pressing the Q key, or clicking it in the Tools sidebar like so:
In the original Pixelmator, it's in the Tools palette and you'd need to click it to select it.
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Yesterday 01:17:18

Why doesn't "Convert to Shape" show up after command-clicking a layer?