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2020-12-03 10:03:37

1) Open an Image
2) Color tool / Lightnes - drag exposure to about -160 so the picture looks very dark
3) Lock the background layer
4) Shift Cmd D ( new layer)
5) Unlock the new layer
6) The free selection tool
7) Do a selection in the middle of the picture
Refine Edge softness to about 95 -100
9) Expand to about 90-100
10) Select the color tool (A) Lightness (Now you see the sliders have NOT zero values )
11) Try to adjust the exposure … now the old lightness settings is lost!

Yesterday I reproduced this bug 30 times of 45.

Memory usage was about 800 to >1GB
I was also feeling that the bigger selection was the bug was easier to reproduce

I use “Merge All” all the time after I adjusted something

It is the same problems with the Canvas size ( the layers crash )
Because my workaround is to first use Pixelmator classic to crop the image and save it ot on desktop. And then read it back to Pro, Then there is no problems at all with setting Image size and Canvas size Canvas size(using Pixelmator Pro).
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2020-12-03 12:36:05

Successfully reproduced — thanks for sharing the steps! We'll be looking for a fix. I can see you posted about the canvas resizing issue in a different thread. Catch you there!