Selected Image has no handles

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-09-28 02:12:42

I'm wanting to resize an image on the canvas. I select the image but no resizing handles appear around it. Can't resize as a layer within the document. Have to reduce the image file externally and copy/paste/re-insert. All guess-work. Anyone else seeing this? Pixelmator Pro Version 1.8 Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6
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2020-09-28 08:02:29

It doesn't look like anyone else has reported anything similar, has this started happening just recently?

Just to double-check:

1. Have you selected the Arrange tool (Tools > Arrange, or press the V key on your keyboard)
2. If, after inserting the new layer, it's bigger than your current canvas, you may need to zoom out to see the handles
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2020-09-28 22:14:28

Thanks for replying Andrius. I closed the program and reopened. Glad that the the handles reappeared.
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2020-09-29 16:11:48

Glad to hear it!
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2020-10-02 02:38:37

Same problem still disrupting my work-flow - No image adjusting handles visible on pasted images. Handles visible on text boxes but images uneditable.

Follow-up...did some relentless right-clicking of all layers - handles eventually showed up on the image and was able to rescale.

2nd follow-up...selected the image again to reduce in size handles. Image can be moved around the canvas, but it's not possible to use transform options.

3rd follow-up...I'm persevering - I think I can figure it out.

Final update...just need to keep clicking through all layers in the layers panel until handles show up around the image. One time the handles were offset from the image, diagonally downward to the right and I resized it OK. So that's sort of it from me on this. At least I found a workaround. Got the job done at last.