Pixelmator pro deleting all effects and colour adjustments for every layer for no reason

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-09-26 21:59:24

This is the second time that this is happened and it's driving me mad. For whatever reason Pixelmator decides to permanently remove ALL the effects and colour adjustments that I have on every single layer in the project. Undo doesn't undo this. And because it is saving over the file all the time, closing and reloading the file that I saved before the bug happened results in all the effects being gone anyway. The only way to fix it is to manually configure all the effects and adjustments again. I have lost several hours to this bug and am ready to throw my laptop out the window.

EDIT: Looks like groups have retained their effects and adjustments, but the layers within them have had their individual adjustments removed

EDIT: It happened again. When I copied and pasted a hidden layer that was the full size of the image
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2020-09-28 09:30:24

Hi there, first of all, if you lose editing progress and, for some reason, undo doesn't work to get it back, you could try File > Revert To > Browse All Versions to revert to a previous version of the file.

As for the issue, the only time something like this can happen without it being a bug is when you apply color adjustments and effects to layers while a selection is active. After clearing the selection, those nondestructive edits are merged with the layers to which they were applied. Are you working with selections and adjustments/effects at the same time?

P.S. We know this is something that should be improved and we do plan to improve it in the future.
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2020-09-30 22:24:06

Thanks Andrius. I've been taking a break from Pixelmator and when I get back into it I will give that a try. From memory all I did was add a new layer and the effects on other layers would be undone and removed. I will see if I can reproduce it and provide screen shots or something. And I will give that Revert To command a go too