'q' keyboard shortcut with Dvorak keyboard

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2020-09-07 18:39:55

(Pixelmator Pro 1.7.1)

Maybe it's just me (though, I don't know how it could happen), but when using the Dvorak keyboard layout the shortut for 'q' (which is the physical key labelled 'x') performs the "Switch Colors" action, just like the US layout (instead of switching to the Quick Selection tool). Funny enough, the 'x' key (physical key 'b') also does the "Switch Colors" shortcut (to be clear, this is the expected behavior - it's funny only in that both keys perform the same shortcut). I haven't come across any other keys behaving unexpectedly. When entering text in a text box inside Pixelmator Pro, the key produces the expected 'q' character. So, it appears limited to the shortcut behavior only. Hopefully it's easily reproducible and not some manifestation on my laptop only.
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2020-09-08 14:18:41

Hey Bryan, just reported this to the devs, I'm not sure we have a Dvorak keyboard on hand to repro, so we'll have to get hold of one.
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2020-09-08 14:23:46

Looks like we won't need it, the issue is clear now.