Copying a non-text layer puts a path to that layer into the clipboard buffer

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2020-07-19 06:07:03

Repro Steps
1. Open any document with multiple layers
2. Select a non-text layer from the Layers list
3. Press Cmd-C to copy the layer
4. Select the Type tool and create a new type object
5. Double-click the type object to enter input mode
6. Press Cmd-V to paste

Expected Behavior
If you try to paste the copied content of a non-text layer into a text field, nothing should be pasted.

Actual Behavior
A filesystem path to the layer that was copied is pasted into the text field, e.g.
This also happens if you try pasting into a UI text field, e.g. the Hex Color field in the Colors window.
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2020-08-12 11:13:12

Hey there, apologies for the very late reply! Thanks for the detailed and very clear bug report, I have an inkling this might be related to some technical limitations but I can see it's working differently (/correctly) in, for example, Keynote, so it seems likely we'll be able to fix it. I've passed this on to the dev team! And I'll just go see the other goodies you've shared in the Bugs forum.