Text layers in PSD files not all importing as text

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-07-08 16:08:43

Hi, I'm testing out Pixelmator Pro as a Photoshop replacement and I am able to open any PSD file I have, which is great. Unfortunately, PSD files with text layers are a mixed bag. In most cases, some but not all of the text layers are rasterized on input, and there does not appear to be any pattern to this. The fonts used are the same on all the layers, but only some survive as editable text ;-( Image

I have attached an example where there are 8 text layers in the PSD file, two came in as editable text and six were rasterized... Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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2020-07-09 11:56:34

Interesting, that definitely looks to be a bug! Any chance you could share that PSD with us? Or as many as you can for us to test with. You can upload it to upload.pixelmator.com, then copy and paste the link in your reply here. If you prefer, you can also email it straight to me at andriusg@pixelmator.com!
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2020-07-10 10:17:14

Thanks, Andrius. I sent two example files along with the font used, directly to the email address provided above.
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2020-07-10 14:29:42

I've received them and shared them with the devs — thanks, Gil!