Grid or object skew is incorrect.

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-05-02 21:56:35

Image I created a sphere at the center of the image that was 3200 x 3200 pixels; I created a grid that was 400 pixels wide with 4 divisions. Al this was shown in the attached image ( that had the image size information superimposed with the grid settings ) I placed a line shape vertically on the center grid the approximate vertical height as the sphere. It was my intension to duplicate that line and rotate the line 40 degrees to provide guides for future changes.

To my surprise my first vertical line (created with shift key pressed) was displayed as being rotated 1.5 degrees already. When I tried adjusting the angle to 0 in the right move/arrange menu it did skew the line to what looked like the error of 1.5 degrees. I'm pretty sure this is not right. AND if I move the line to 1600 pixels in the move/arrange menu (which should be the horizontal center it is way OFF the grid.
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2020-05-04 14:16:00

That does indeed look like it might be a bug... Any chance you could share the PXD file? You can upload it to — after the upload finishes, a link should appear, which you can then copy and paste into your reply here.

Thanks in advance!
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2020-05-04 15:53:35

I am so sorry, I no longer have the file that showed the problem because I had to go to a different method of creating of creating 39 divisions on the circle. ( change from lines from edge to edge of the circle, to lines from center of the circle) I tried to recreate the error in a new pxd, but of course everything is running fine now. I promise that if I ever do see the problem again I'll send it sooner.
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2020-05-05 12:32:20

That's OK — I wasn't able to reproduce the issue so I had a feeling it might be one of those pesky ones that only comes up every once in a while. In those cases, the PXD file can be a huge help. Either way, thanks for bringing this to our attention!