Ugly outline artifact using "bloom" effect

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-04-29 03:25:01

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2020-04-29 08:02:47

Hey there, by 'outline artifact', do you mean the semitransparent pixels at the edge of the shape? Or something else?
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2020-04-29 18:16:57

No the red glow is working correctly. I think you'll have to download the image to see what Im talking about. I can't see it in safari either. You should see a greenish-black outline where the arrow is.
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2020-04-30 11:23:50

That's super weird, I've opened the image on multiple Macs and don't see a greenish-black outline... Are you seeing it in Pixelmator Pro itself? Or Preview? Or somewhere else? We also opened the image and sampled the colors themselves and there are no green areas, so is it possible there might be some sort of issue with your display?
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2020-04-30 22:25:29

Oh. I solved it. Very strange. I can only see the issue when Night Shift is on. (Im on the P3 iMac by the way)
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2020-05-04 13:49:45

Oh, interesting! Never would've thought of that... Glad to hear you managed to work it out.