Lens distortion stopped working?

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-04-18 22:16:17

I always process the RAW DNG files from my Leica Q2 with Pixelmator Pro, however recently I noticed the lens distortion stopped working, I have pictures I processed with Pixelmator Pro up to March 19th that are still getting lens distortion fixed, however I see all my photos after March 26th have the lens distortion in them. I'm attaching a sample.


The problem persist on Pixelmator Pro 1.6.1 (even though it was released on April 16th)

I truly believe this is a bug since it was not happening before. Preview will open the DNG pictures and do the Lens Distortion correction, so I doubt it's the Apple RAW engine itself.
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2020-04-20 14:45:48

Hi there, thanks for reporting this, it does indeed appear to be a bug! Could you upload a sample RAW file for us to test? You can upload it to http://upload.pixelmator.com then copy and paste the link that appears on the page here so we can download the file. Thanks in advance!
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2020-04-23 21:27:19

Hello, sorry for the late reply but I didn't receive notification of the reply

Attached a RAW DNG file taken with the Leica Q2. Pixelmator Pro 1.6.1 still shows the dark corners

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2020-04-26 15:21:18

Thanks for the file, I can see the image has no vignette in Preview and does in Pixelmator Pro — I've passed it on to the devs and I'll let you know what we find!
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2020-04-27 08:24:11

Looks to be a RAW engine bug — we've now reported it to Apple. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!
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2020-04-27 17:23:34

noooooooo, I was hoping it would be something easy to fix Adobe Lightroom doesn't have the problem but maybe they use their own adobe camera raw tech.

Thanks for keeping me posted n_n
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2020-06-03 14:16:45

Quick update: this looks to be fixed in macOS 10.15.5.