Problem with invert selection in v1.6

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-03-17 16:54:59

I am trying Pixelmator Pro 1.6 Beta - ( I will check 1.5.5 later ) I have created a logo with black on white text and images. That group of parts layer [ White (parts) ] was duplicated and labeled Black. I tried invert selection on that new selected layer - that didn't work on the whole group parts. I opened the group and tried selecting the parts individually - but they would not change. I found none of this particularly unreasonable; I thought the new group needed to be converted to pixels. Did that but nothing, no matter how I selected it would invert black on white to white on black. For your amusement I include a link to your upload page - ... Please note that the circular text was created elsewhere, unfortunately, because Pixelmator Pro does not do text on a path - a promised feature (?)

Same in PP 1.5.5
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2020-03-18 11:36:59

I might be getting confused here but are you looking to invert the colors of the layer or invert the selection itself? Invert Selection does nothing to the image, it only inverts the selection (selects all currently unselected areas and deselects all currently selected areas). If you were to press the Command-I keyboard shortcut (or choose Format > Color Adjustments > Invert), I believe you should get the results you're looking for.

If not, I've probably gotten confused.
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2020-03-18 14:51:37

I was trying to change colors not selections. This am I went back to my example and easily changed white to black. Yesterday, I think I was looking at the original (objects group) white layer while the pixel, white, version was not visible - and with this pixel (invisible) layer was selected - no color change was working. I saw the error of my ways this am. Sorry for the interruption.
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2020-03-18 16:37:51

Understood, the title said invert selection, so I was just making sure whether it was about inverting the colors of a selected area or inverting the selection itself. Anyway, glad to hear everything's working now!
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2020-03-18 16:39:04