Pixelmator always opens same file on launch

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2020-02-29 21:50:20

I recently purchased pixelmator pro, after having an old version of pixelmator on my Mac. Ever since, every time I launch pixelmator pro, it automatically opens the same .pxd file, which is from the last thing I did with the original pixelmator. this is annoying and I would like to make it go away. I noticed recently that this file, called "globe.pxd", was the sole item my iCloud Drive "Pixelmator" folder. Sadly, removing it had no effect.

Just a theory, but I suspect that there might be some old application state from the original pixelmator that the new pro app is reading from, but never resetting. I am a reasonably competent Mac developer, so if you can give me hints as to where to look maybe I can figure out what is going wrong.

Thanks for a great product,
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2020-03-02 12:28:27

Hey George, we store preference files and the like in the following locations:

1. ~/Library/Containers
2. ~/Library/Group Containers/4R6749AYRE.com.pixelmator

The Pixelmator folders in the first location start with 'com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator' and may be from the App Store version of the app or a trial (or even a beta version). The second location leads to the specific folder and that folder is used only by Pixelmator Pro).

Hope that helps you troubleshoot this and, if not, feel free to email us at support@pixelmator.com for a little more help!
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2020-03-02 12:44:15

Thanks, I removed them all and it fixed it.
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2020-03-02 13:18:48

Glad to hear it!

For anyone who might stumble upon this thread in the future, removing those folders will completely reset all of the relevant app's settings, remove presets, etc., so make sure to make backups if there are things you know you want to keep.