ML Match Color Drag and Drop Does not work?

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-02-09 18:22:02

Just following the steps here;

I cannot get match color to work at all by dragging and dropping an image. Nothing changes, etc. I can manually 'add' ML Match Color and the finder window pops open for me to select a pre existing image. But dragging and dropping from the web does not seem to work.
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2020-02-10 14:28:55

Are you able to use drag and drop at all in Pixelmator Pro? For example, to add images as new layers in a composition? Or to quickly export a layer out from the app as its own image? Also, when you drag and drop from the web, which browser do you use — Safari or something different?
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2020-02-10 17:18:38

Drag and drop yes - works dragging images open into the app or from the mac os x finder, etc. - using Firefox currently.
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2020-02-16 01:27:53

I tested this with Safari - works fine.

It appears to not work using Firefox
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2020-02-17 13:12:47

Ah, interesting, it looks like dragging and dropping images from Firefox doesn't work in macOS generally — when I try and drop something onto the desktop or into my Downloads folder, nothing happens. It looks like that's a Firefox bug, in which case, there isn't much we can do to fix it.
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2020-02-17 13:14:04

Makes sense! Thanks for helping me figuring it out!