Installed new fonts created crashes

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2020-01-14 16:14:08

All: Ran into an issue trying to add a font per ... 12&t=15728

Downloaded "Source Sans Pro" from GitHub and installed them to my computer... then Pixelmator became unstable and crashed. When I attempted to restart Pixelmator, it continued to crash... Behavior continued after restart... Uninstalled and reinstalled Pixelmator, behavior continued... only seemed to be resolved when I uninstalled the fonts...

Any advice?

Downloaded font from:
Pixelmator: Version 1.5.4 (91212.1659)
Operating System: OSX 10.15.3
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2020-01-14 16:42:24

Hey there, this looks to be working for me, though I did try just the one font:


The only thing I can see from your specs is that you're on a beta version of macOS, so that would be my first (and only) guess about the cause based on the available info. If we could take a look at the crash report, though, we'd know the exact reason for the crash — could you share it with us at

P.S. You're free to also share it here, if you like.