Unable to purchase bundle from Mac App Store

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2019-11-15 23:20:38

Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is a Pixelmator thing or Mac App Store thing but when I hit purchase, it looked like everything was accepted, but then when I try and download Pro it wants me to buy it again and Purchased is greyed out (see image).

Weirder yet is it stays like this across different machines, and after signing in and signing back out. It also doesn't show up in purchased software so I don't think the sale itself went through. Anyone run into this?

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2019-11-18 09:51:04

This is a Mac App Store issue — we can't do much to resolve the issue itself, but we can certainly send you a copy of the app, simply drop us a line at support@pixelmator.com and we'll help out!
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2020-11-16 10:55:55

Same issue here - paid for the upgrade bundle, and have the Paypal receipt for £28 GBP but no sign of it in the App Store wants me to buy it again.


Also - now it want's another £38 to use the App. Be cheaper to use Adobe at this rate!

It might be an App Store Issue but if you sell on there, surely a bit more info on how to resolve the issue please rather than it's not our problem! There's no help within the Apple App Store App - useless.

How do I get the App please? That I have paid for? I would like to use it - long term user of your original Pixelmator.

Luckily paid for PP with Paypal who I presume I can escalate the transaction to to get a refund? But would rather just have the App I paid for.

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2020-11-17 21:38:01

Hey there, if you haven't yet, could you email us about this at support@pixelmator.com? We'll help out!
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2020-11-19 07:42:32

I did get it to work but now the update won't download... See pic Image
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2020-11-19 13:20:50

Hmm, I'm personally not sure about what might be happening, but if you could email support@pixelmator.com, we can try and get you the app some other way.
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2020-11-20 20:36:28

Try to always logout from the account and login again, if that do not work change the settings in System Preferences
for Software Update could also fix it... it did for me at least.

I had the same error message...