Histogram overexposure accuracy?

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2019-11-12 17:07:11

I'm getting very different results in Pixelmator versus Apple Pages for the RGB histogram specifically when it comes to the point where pixels are clipping/overexposing. The Pages histogram shows pixels clipping at a certain point--and I trust it because I can see the clipping right at that point. Pixelmator seems to show significant headroom still remaining.

Possibly related: if a 10% bump to exposure in pages brings a certain picture to the point of overexposure, it seems to be more like a 70% bump in Pixelmator. Maybe those percentages mean something very different in the different software, but I would have thought for something as simple as exposure the number means directly what it says it means.
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2019-11-13 15:03:48


If possible, could you share a few examples illustrating these differences? Or, if you don't wish to post them on the forum, you can send them to us by email to support@pixelmator.com and we'll take it from there. Thanks!