Automator actions on macOS Catalina doesn't work.

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2019-10-09 09:48:44

Hello, most of automator actions doesn't work on Catalina. It says reinstall action. But reinstall doesn't help.

BR, Kamil.
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2019-10-10 12:36:38

Hey Kamil, this is a bug that seems to happen to certain users (not everyone on macOS Catalina). I'm not sure if you've emailed us about this yet, but if you haven't, please do and we'll do our best to help!
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2019-10-16 16:31:24

E-mail sent.

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2019-10-24 12:42:15

by Andrius 2019-10-10 10:36:38 Hey Kamil, this is a bug that seems to happen to certain users (not everyone on macOS Catalina). I'm not sure if you've emailed us about this yet, but if you haven't, please do and we'll do our best to help!
Hi Andrius,

same issue for me. I need to solve it quite quickly. I tested the auto enhance on trial version and all works fine. Then I decided to buy full version and since then I am not able to automate auto enhance. Getting error all the time. but not for all actions, some of them could be added to automator.
Are you able to post here some solution of available?
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2019-10-25 12:33:50

Same here!
Even reinstall and 1.5.1 doesn't help...
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2019-10-25 14:58:21


The five functions at the top of this list do not work in automator; drag does nothing to insert the functions. The rest of the functions at least drag in okay; didn't make sure they actually work.
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2019-10-25 15:03:27

Correction: top 4, number 5 may just be a duplication of the plain pixelmator function of the same name.
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2019-10-25 15:06:15

This is more a macOS Catalina issue, not quite a Pixelmator Pro issue and it should be fixed in 10.15.1 but for now, we have a workaround that might work for you — anyone with this issue, please email us about it at and we'll do our best to help!
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2019-10-25 17:23:25

I have contacted you and sent email, got link with package which should work, but it does not help.
It is 1.5.1 version, but still the same issue. The only package which works is the trial version dowloaded directly from pixelmator webpage. With that one, all actions work in automator.

It might be Catalina issue, but it is related only to some versions of your app.
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2019-10-28 14:06:21

Thanks for the update — it may not be much of a consolation for now, but as far as we can see, macOS 10.15.1 has a fix for this and we're guessing it should be out within a week or so.

The Automator actions from the trial should continue working for you even if the trial has expired, by the way, so you're free to use them until 10.15.1 is out. Apologies for the inconvenience, though!
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2019-10-29 08:53:16

Andrius, I am confused now. So the issue is with macOS, not with Pixelmator app? I got link after I sent mail to you, to download 1.5.1 version of Pixelmator where should be fix for it, but it does not work. But in Trial version it works. Not you are saying that I need to wait for macOS fix 10.15.1.
So, it is issue of your app or macOS? Why ten the trial version which is 1.5.1 Avalion works, but the other one dowloaded from the provided link also 1.5.1 does not work?

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2019-10-29 09:11:16

This also does not work for me. I just bought Pixelmator Pro 1.5.1 Avalon and am using the latest Catalina version.
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2019-10-29 09:15:16

The situation is this: in macOS 10.15, Automator actions for certain users stopped working with the "try reinstalling the action" error seen above. The issue is not easily reproducible and not especially widespread and we don't yet know what the exact cause might be. However, we did report this as a regression in 10.15 to Apple and they told us they have included a fix in 10.15.1, which we have been able to confirm as fixed on the one device on which we were able to reproduce the issue. The App Store and the trial builds of Pixelmator Pro are identical, so it's very strange that Automator actions are working in one and not the other, which also points to the conclusion that this is some sort of semi-random bug with third-party action installation in the Automator app.
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2019-10-29 09:53:05

Thanks Andrius, I will then wait for macOS update and instal latest version of Pixelmator. So far I can only say, that I was using multiple photo applications (such as Luminar, ACD See, Zoner Photo studio), but the auto enhancement of Pixelmator works really good and fits to my purpose.