Pixelmator Pro Freeze with Repair Tool

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2019-09-27 13:38:35

I seem to get consistent freeze (hang) in Pixelmator Pro whenever I use the Repair Tool. I am using an iMac Pro with OSX 10.14.6. here is the latest crash log.

Date/Time: 2019-09-27 09:27:41 -0400
End time: 2019-09-27 09:27:43 -0400
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.14.6 (Build 18G103)
Architecture: x86_64h
Report Version: 28

Data Source: Stackshots
Shared Cache: 0x4290000 9FB9C069-AC15-3760-9C50-DCC1AE639A3D

Command: Pixelmator Pro
Path: /Applications/Pixelmator Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/Pixelmator Pro
Identifier: com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator.x
Version: 1.4.1 (90819.1353)
App Item ID: 1289583905
App External ID: 832114819
Parent: launchd [1]
PID: 1309

Event: hang
Duration: 2.20s (process was unresponsive for 144 seconds before sampling)
Steps: 22 (100ms sampling interval)

Hardware model: iMacPro1,1
Active cpus: 20

Time Awake Since Boot: 7500s
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2019-09-28 13:26:37

Hi there, could you email us about this at support@pixelmator.com with your full specs and, if possible, the image you're editing? Thanks in advance!
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2019-09-28 15:08:16

Hey Andrius,

Just sent an email to support as you requested.
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2019-09-30 09:10:06

Thanks Joseph!