Marching Ants Causing Overheating

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2019-09-26 21:36:51

Does anyone else have this problem? Selecting anything in Pixelmator Pro causes my MacBook Pro to overheat.

I'll make a simple rectangle selection which will make the marching ants animation. Then, I'll do nothing with the computer and watch the temperature just go up. The temperature of my GPU and CPU will go from 37C to 96C in two minutes.

My computer is a 2014 MacBook Pro 15 2.2 with integrated GPU. This only happens in Pixelmator Pro. It doesn't happen in regular Pixelmator or Photoshop CC.

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2019-09-28 13:31:39

Hi Stan, I'm not able to repro this, so there might be some special circumstances/conditions behind the bug — any chance you could email us about it at with your specs and macOS version? We'll take it from there!
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2019-10-01 22:33:27

I contacted support but haven't got a solution yet. I'm running Mojave 10.14.6 on a 2014 MacBook Pro 15 2.2GHz with integrated GPU 16GB RAM.

It happens only when the "marching ants" animation is moving. When I select a different active window. The animation stops and the temperature drops.

Please help. This is making Pixelmator Pro unusable. And I really love this app!
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2019-10-01 22:36:03

I noticed that this was a problem for Affinity Photo also. ... ing-ants/&