Can't open an SVG

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2019-07-29 14:38:12

I have an SVG that Pixelmator pro can't open.

Other editors and viewers seem to open it without a problem.
Can you tell me what it doesn't like about this one?

<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 323.48 61.02"><defs><style>.cls-1{fill:#ffd900;}</style></defs><title>Asset 2</title>
<g id="Layer_2" data-name="Layer 2"><g id="Layer_1-2" data-name="Layer 1"><path class="cls-1" d="M7,61,0,54V7L7,0H27.89l7,7V54l-7,7ZM8.72,52.3H26.15V8.72H8.72Z"/><path class="cls-1" d="M52.46,61V52.3h8.72V15.17H54.73V8.72L61.18,0h8.71V52.3h8.72V61Z"/><path class="cls-1" d="M96.2,61V33.12l7-7h19.17V8.72H104.92v4.36H96.2V7l7-7H124.1l7,7V27.89l-7,7H104.92V52.3h17.43V47.94h8.72V61Z"/><path class="cls-1" d="M144.31,13.08V7l7-7H172.2l7,7V27.89l-2.61,2.62,2.61,2.61V54l-7,7H151.28l-7-7v-6.1H153V52.3h17.44V34.87h-8.72V26.15h8.72V8.72H153v4.36Z"/>
<path class="cls-1" d="M209.84,61V52.3h4.36V43.58H192.41V34.87L214.2,0h8.72V34.87h4.35v8.71h-4.35V52.3h4.35V61Zm-6.45-26.15H214.2V17.43Z"/><path class="cls-1" d="M240.51,0h34.86V8.72H249.22V26.15H268.4l7,7V54l-7,7H247.48l-7-7v-6.1h8.71V52.3h17.44V34.87H247.48l-7-7Z"/><path class="cls-1" d="M323.48,13.08h-8.72V8.72H297.33V26.15H316.5l7,7V54l-7,7H295.58l-7-7V7l7-7H316.5l7,7ZM297.33,52.3h17.43V34.87H297.33Z"/></g></g></svg>

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2019-07-29 15:00:57

Hi there, would you be able to share that file with us at Thanks in advance!
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2019-07-29 15:23:35

I just took the above plain text to a text file, added svg to the end and was able to open it easily in another graphical editor (which shall remain nameless) [ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 ] but that same file could not be opened by PixPro, with the message as above.
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2019-07-29 15:34:32

Yes the text I copied in is the content of the file I am having trouble with. Also trying to post that here...

but this forum doesn't seem to support uploading svg via the image button.

Sending email now.
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2019-07-29 15:51:51

After having an artist convert it to black I got a new svg that Pixelmator Pro doesn't seem have a problem with, posting here for reference. I may get around to formatting them the same and doing a diff, but so far it has been a busy Monday

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Generator: Adobe Illustrator 23.0.1, SVG Export Plug-In . SVG Version: 6.00 Build 0) -->
<svg version="1.1" id="Layer_1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" x="0px" y="0px"
viewBox="0 0 323.5 61" style="enable-background:new 0 0 323.5 61;" xml:space="preserve">
<title>Asset 2</title>
<g id="Layer_1-2">
<path d="M7,61l-7-7V7l7-7h20.9l7,7v47l-7,7H7z M8.7,52.3h17.4V8.7H8.7V52.3z"/>
<path d="M52.5,61v-8.7h8.7V15.2h-6.5V8.7L61.2,0h8.7v52.3h8.7V61H52.5z"/>
<path d="M96.2,61V33.1l7-7h19.2V8.7h-17.4v4.4h-8.7V7l7-7h20.9l7,7v20.9l-7,7h-19.2v17.4h17.4v-4.4h8.7V61H96.2z"/>
<path d="M144.3,13.1V7l7-7h20.9l7,7v20.9l-2.6,2.6l2.6,2.6V54l-7,7h-20.9l-7-7v-6.1h8.7v4.4h17.4V34.9h-8.7v-8.7h8.7V8.7H153v4.4
<path d="M209.8,61v-8.7h4.4v-8.7h-21.8v-8.7L214.2,0h8.7v34.9h4.4v8.7h-4.4v8.7h4.4V61H209.8z M203.4,34.8h10.8V17.4L203.4,34.8z"
<path d="M240.5,0h34.9v8.7h-26.1v17.4h19.2l7,7V54l-7,7h-20.9l-7-7v-6.1h8.7v4.4h17.4V34.9h-19.2l-7-7L240.5,0z"/>
<path d="M323.5,13.1h-8.7V8.7h-17.4v17.4h19.2l7,7V54l-7,7h-20.9l-7-7V7l7-7h20.9l7,7L323.5,13.1z M297.3,52.3h17.4V34.9h-17.4

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2019-08-06 04:36:14

I was having the same problem with a file that I resolved by opening it with VSCode, formatting the XML and saving it again.

Is this caused by line length or character formatting?

That being said, the image has lost all colour in PIxelmator. Macos Preview shows it as blue. I'll email the file.