Can't draw straight line with shift + click

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2018-08-24 17:28:45

1. Open any image
2. Select brush
3. Click somewhere in the image (point A)
4. Holding shift, click somewhere else in the image (point B)
5. Holding shift still, click somewhere else in the image (point C)

I see a stamp of the brush in point A, and in point B. No lines.

Expected result:
I want to see two lines joining A with B, and B with C, using the brush I had selected.

System Info:
MBP 2018 - 2.6Ghz i7 - 32 Gb
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
Pixelmator Pro 1.1.3 Monsoon

Additional info:
I don't know what's going on. It used to work find and I haven't updated Pixelmator Pro.

One relevant thing. I have installed the drivers for Wacom tablets. I got it wrong and installed the newest drivers, but I have an old Wacom Bamboo, so I had to install the old ones as well. I think everything broke when I installed the newest drivers. I have uninstalled both drivers using their Wacom Utility. I have also rebooted. But the problem persists.

Does anyone know what's going on here? Or how can I solve this?
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2018-08-24 22:42:31

Weird. I've reinstalled the Wacom Bamboo drivers again and now shift+click works fine again, both with the tablet and with the laptop touchpad. I don't understand it, but I suppose this means it was related to the Wacom drivers? Feel free to close this thread.
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2018-08-25 07:22:14

As you say, the solution indicates it was almost certainly a driver issue, but if it does ever resurface and reinstalling the drivers doesn't help, you can email us at about things like this.
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2020-05-13 15:16:32

Paint line will not connect from point A to B. It has been working fine since last issue.
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2020-05-13 15:18:43

After restarting the program there is no drawing with paint at all!
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2020-05-13 15:19:39

Pixel Paint seems fine.
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2020-05-13 15:22:47

Now the dots show up when shift is used but no line!
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2020-05-14 08:28:12

Hey William, it looks like I'm not able to repro this — is it possible the issue only occurs with particular brushes or brush settings? Could you let me know the brush you're using and could you also take a screenshot of your Paint tool settings?
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2020-11-04 17:07:10

Hi I'm getting exactly the same thing.

Catalina 10.15.7
Pixelmator Pro 1.8 Lynx

I've been doing the dot-to-dot with Shift for the past few days - all good. Today, it won't work. dot, Shift, click - no dot. If I keep holding shift there are never dots. If I release shift, a dot appears in the first place I clicked (when it didn't work) and thereafter it is several dots behind. Shift and drag gives me vertical & horizontal as ever.

FWIW - this version is quite buggy (pardon me!): It will often hang on opening a doc or saving; sometimes on quitting. I've had to use Force Quit quite a lot of late.
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2020-11-04 17:16:56

Hi David, it would be great if you could email us about this at — we'll do our best to troubleshoot this with you!
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2020-11-04 17:55:53

Thanks so much - shall do.