Using repair tool resets color adjustments to 0

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2018-07-21 18:11:12

When I use the repair tool to clone out a dust spot, I notice that my color changes stay in the image, but all the sliders reset to 0 and the "Show Original" button is grayed out. If I undo the repair tool, all the sliders move back to their settings and the "Show Original" button is now available.
Cloning out spots is usually the last step in my editing process, so this isn't a huge deal. Still, it would be nice to see what corrections were made and also still be able to see the original image.
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2018-07-22 12:46:27

Hi Max.

This is something that bugs me, too. Pixelmator Pro's color adjustments, effects and styles are non-destructive and editable provided that you don't change any pixels on the layer. If you change anything: paint, color fill, erase, clone, sharpen, soften, smudge, lighten, darken, saturate, desaturate, warp, bump, pinch, twirl, or, as in your case, use the repair tool, all color adjustments, effects and styles will be permanently applied to the layer before your action takes place. You lose the ability to go back and change your adjustments (unless you undo).

With this behaviour in Pixelmator Pro (assuming that you want to keep your changes editable) I'd recommend changing your workflow to one of the following:
either 1. repair dust, scratches etc. before you apply any adjustments. That way, when you save the image, you can go back to it and change your adjustments/effects.
or 2. Create a new layer before you use the Repair tool, ensure that Sample all layers is checked, and make your repairs on this new layer. That way everything: your repairs and adjustments remain editable. The only trouble here is that, if you significantly change any of the adjustments on the original layer after you have made repairs, you will have to go back and redo the repairs as the original set of adjustments will have been applied permanently to the repair layer.

(edit) or (I just thought of this), 3. Put your original image in a group by itself and apply the adjustments to the group. That seems to work for Color Adjustments and Effects, but strangely, not for Styles. When you do repairs, repair on the layer itself and ensure that Sample all layers is not checked.

I'm hoping for a change in Pixelmator Pro's behaviour here. I wrote a bit about it here (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=15848) a few days back.

- Stef.
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2018-07-22 15:14:20

Thanks for the reply. I think applying the repair tool first makes the most sense for my workflow. I guess I understand why it does this, but programs like Lightroom are able to non-destructively save repairs, so I'm hoping for this feature in Pixelmator Pro as well.