Tab titles overlay on top of each other

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2018-07-10 11:57:18

I'm still pretty new to the Pro version so bear with me if I missed something. I don't see how to open a document into a new tab so I had to open my pictures and drag them one by one into the tab bar. When I do, the title of the current open document is also shown behind the tab titles so it's quite messy (see image)


In the standard version of Pixelmator this behavior doesn't occur, all tab titles are shortened and correctly visible.

I'm running on:

and Pixelmator Pro 1.1.2
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2018-07-10 12:36:34

I had that happen a couple times too when I opened a lot of images. I found that closing the app and reopening it seemed to fix it for me at that time (make sure your settings are set to open previously loaded items/photos on start).

Other than that, there's a post I created just a bit ago (actually in a few places) that explains how to set up the Tabs so they are always there instead of having to drag them every time you run the program. I added it as a comment to the tutorial as well that deals with Tabs. Check out that tutorial and scroll down to the comments and the instructions are there for how to do that.
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2018-07-10 12:49:29

Thanks for the tips! I don't see any settings concerning loading items/photos on start. Are you talking about system level preferences not Pixelmator prefs? I did come across the comments on tab functionality, but I was reticent to change how I work with tabs system wide just to have a semblance of the behavior I want in Pixelmator Pro. Even then it seems a bit coarse grained an option. Instead of choosing to open in tabs or in a new document say like I can in Safari, I have to pick one. If set to open in tabs, but don't want all of what I open in tabs I have to drag a doc out to make it standalone. It seems like extra steps than just choosing which you want case by case. A menubar/hotkey option would add some positive nuances to working with tabs in my opinion.
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2018-07-10 13:31:50

Well hmm, I could swear there was an option there, but ... I must admit that I've been checking out quite a few image editors over the past weeks so it was probably a different one. Unfortunate, this app should have that ability too.

Either way, the instructions for setting up the permanent tabs layout are the same.

Now if only they would remove that from the system preferences so that we aren't forced to make "every app we use on our mac" forced to do tabs. .... Works pretty slick though I'll admit, and so far it hasn't caused too much trouble, just a little bit with other apps and working out what is going on lol.
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2018-07-10 13:35:53

I've given it a whirl to see how it goes. At the very least it helps while I'm working on this project and I can go change the system tabs back when I'm done.

Didn't have any luck with restarting the app to clear up the covered tabs though so we'll see if that bug can be isolated. With even just two tabs the overlay occurs so its less than ideal, but hey growing pains right?
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2018-07-10 14:31:45

Hmm not sure what to tell you there, I know it's done it to me a couple times, but it's not an every time thing at all, I use the app quite a bit for photo enhancements and resizing for web design so I can sometimes end up with more than a dozen open at a time. Over the past couple weeks or so of using the app I've probably had it open and used every single day now just about and it's only happened a couple times to me and worked itself out somehow. The one time I couldn't get rid of it so I just edited the photos one at a time till it was down to one and it hasn't come back since for me lol. No clue why, but try that and see if it works for you? Sounds pretty stupid, but hey, whatever works right?! Good Luck!
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2018-07-12 15:06:30

The issue with tab titles is known and it's a bit of a weird one, actually. Basically, to create black tabs that looked the way we wanted them to, we had to add a few workarounds which cause these visual bugs (essentially, they're macOS bugs). The good news is that with macOS Mojave, this problem should be gone forever. Until then, it will, unfortunately, appear from time to time. If it's difficult to tell where one tab ends and another begins, one little tip from me would be to use the Command-Shift-\ (backslash) keyboard shortcut (View > Show All Tabs) to see all your open tabs in the tab overview. As an added bonus, the tab overview looks super cool.
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2018-07-12 15:28:34

Andrius - I agree, the tab overview helped me out on more than one occasion. Good to know Mojave will fix the issue. Thanks for following up!
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2018-07-12 18:48:43

I for one do hope you will be trying to address this with High Sierra as I don't intend to upgrade to Mojave for a very long time. When I upgraded to High Sierra it crashed my computer completely and $120 of repair later to have someone clone my account and format etc (which I could have done myself had I known what they were going to do, but would have taken a lot of time either way) I'm very reluctant to upgrade again.

Also there's the risk that many apps will no longer work as they are trying to phase out the 32bit apps. From what I understand they are planning to do this with the next upgrade so I again will not be doing that upgrade as I have a lot of high end games and apps that are currently "not optimized for my OS" and may not work at that time.

I'm going to guess that I won't be the only one that will be holding off as there were an awful lot of people that had the same crash issue I did with upgrading to High Sierra. Makes a person very skittish when they need that computer and can't afford another $5k+ to replace it as they are much more expensive now with the newer tech they just released.
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2018-07-13 12:59:27

I do understand the sentiment, but from our point of view, this would require us to create our own custom tabbed interface for Pixelmator Pro at the expense of one or even two major new features just to avoid this visual bug in High Sierra. Of course, we place any bugs that impact performance or stability at a much higher priority, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Also, even though this is apparently the last version of macOS to support them, 32-bit apps still work fine in Mojave and judging by the first few developer betas, it's more reliable and stable than High Sierra was at the same point. So I think when the time comes updating to it will be a good option.
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2018-07-13 13:06:20

Thanks for the feedback Andrius. I'll keep it in mind for sure, still reluctant as it cost me a lot of down time as well as money to do the last one, but your information makes me feel a little better about it.