System locks up hard when drawing

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2018-07-07 15:45:18

I'm trying to edit a picture to blank out a license plate. I've been drawing on it with the pen tool. So far so good, right?

I got to one point where I needed to zoom in. I did, and my system locked up hard, taking a power cycle to recover. When I reopened the same JPG file after restarting the computer, it locked up hard again.

By locked up, I mean just that. No beachball, no response to any mouse inputs, the clock on the menu bar doesn't update. I can wiggle the mouse pointer, but that's all. The system watchdog doesn't reboot the machine, either. I'm very, very thoroughly stuck and have to power cycle to get it back.

I couldn't find an in-progress file to delete so I could at least work on the picture again, even if it requires starting from scratch. I'm stuck. Help!

Edit: I can't open Pixelmator Pro at all. It goes back to the same file, even if I open a different one, and then promptly locks up again. I'll be happy to pass along any files that may help to resolve the problem.
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2018-07-07 16:38:32

Sorry to see you are having problems with Pixelmator on your mac. Could you write a mail to where you point to this threat? Also could you add a crash log to the mail and if possible the file that gives you trouble. The team will take it from there.

If you want to open Pixelmator Pro without opening the previous document you can hold the shift-key while launching the app. Hope that helps a bit.
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2018-07-08 15:15:12

I've sent a message to the support address with the only diagnostic file I can find on the system. Since it doesn't actually crash, it doesn't create a crash log. The JPEG file is also included.

I haven't tried reopening Pixelmator Pro yet, just in case there's an intermediate file somewhere that would be helpful in finding the problem that would get destroyed by doing so.