Drawing bug in Pixelmator Pro 1.0.8

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2018-02-09 13:31:08

Holding shift and clicking on certain points to draw straight lines does not work for me anymore as of the 1.0.8 update. Doing so only draws dots. In order for the lines to be created I have to click and drag the cursor slightly, which ruins the line. I've tried the brush, eraser and clone tools and none of them work. I'm using a MacBook Pro (2016, 15") with an i7 and an AMD Radeon Pro 460 GPU.
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2018-02-10 14:06:44

Looks like you're right, not sure when this one appeared, but I seem to remember it working in previous versions. I've reported it, though, so we'll do our best to fix it ASAP.
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2018-02-27 00:27:59

I would like to re-iterate this bug, and hope that it is sorted out soon. I use this functionality daily.
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2018-03-18 14:23:59

FWIW, straight-line erase doesn't work in 1.0.8 either. It used to operate exactly the same as straight-line drawing.
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2018-03-19 09:53:06

Yup, they use pretty much the exact same functionality so they'll be fixed together.
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2018-03-22 08:45:38

Hey everyone, this bug has been fixed in the Pixelmator Pro 1.0.9 update that came out yesterday — feel free to update and draw (or erase) straight lines to your heart's content.