Perspective Transform Resizes layer

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2018-01-27 17:17:10

Using Pixelmator Pro v1.0.6 with OS X10.13.2

When I apply the Perspective transform, it transforms and resizes the layer automatically!!!!

Here is a screen capture of what happens ... w.mp4?dl=0

Updated to show new Pixelmator version. Issue still persists after upgrading from 1.0.5
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2018-01-27 17:43:19

It also seems to randomly change the Perspective Transform after it's applied. I had to use this on another layer too and then noticed the first layer I modified (and spent 10mins trying to get to look right because it was automatically resized after applying) had reverted back to the first automatic resize.

I am SO frustrated with Pro. Something that used to take me 10mins is taking me 30mins or more.