ABR import in Pixelmator Pro Non-Functional

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2017-11-30 14:00:52

I am unable to import .abr files (photoshop brushes) into Pixelmator Pro. The advertised drag and drop functionality does not work; nothing happens when attempting to drop a .abr file into the brushes browser. I also am unable to import .abr files via the import option in the brushes gear menu - all of my .abr files are greyed out and not selectable for import.
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2018-04-20 00:24:34

Same issue here. Would very much like to be able to import my .abr
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2018-04-23 13:02:47

We didn't quite manage to squeeze in support for ABR brushes into v1.0, but it's absolutely on the roadmap for future updates, potentially in the next two or three.