AVIF image format support

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2020-08-10 14:11:18

AVIF is the next-gen image format that will follow WebP. It has the backing of large companies, including Netflix, because it's superior to WebP in reducing the file size of JPEGs while maintaining visual clarity.

It is likely that WebP and AVIF will both become the main image formats in the coming years, and will slowly replace the use of PNG and JPEG. WebP is already on the verge of becoming a common format now that Safari 14 will support it. Thank you for adding support for WebP and I'm looking forward to being able to use it regularly with the Export for Web... feature.

Even though AVIF has a while to go before it gains support by all major browsers (Firefox added support in Canary builds, and Safari hasn't committed to adding it yet), Chrome (and Edge since it uses Blink) supports AVIF now. Unlike the Pixelmator site, which is said to have a large number of visitors that use Safari, most sites' visitors are using Chrome. And since AVIF can be used now using the <picture> element and <srcset> attribute (or via other methods), the only impediment for web designers to use AVIF is the lack of support for it in Pixelmator Pro.

Thank you for considering. Pixelmator Pro is the only image editing app I use because it's the best!

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2020-08-11 15:28:47

Hey Jon, thanks for a very well-referenced feature request — I've passed this on to the rest of the team!