persistent labels on toolbar

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-07-17 01:00:11

I enjoy Pixelmator Pro as I have found that its features and functions are reasonably discoverable for an occasional user such as myself. I appreciate that the Tooltips feature allows me to remind myself of what the icon of a tool means.

Not that I think that there is anything wrong with the tool icons per se, however I find I am constantly referring to the tool tips to distinguish some of the icons from one another. In particular, the difference between 'style' paintbrush vs 'paint' paintbrush doesn't leap out at me, nor the difference between the abstract 'repair' band aid and the 'eraser' - I still don't know how that represents an eraser.

Mind you - I grew up on the MacPaint and Superpaint icons...

Would you conisider the option to make tool tips constantly 'on'? Perhaps also the option to have the tool bar at the top of the screen; this might leave some room for the text labels.

Thanks for a great program and the continued feature development
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2020-07-17 12:22:51

Feature request noted! For now, you could click the currently selected tool again to deselect it, which will make the tool names appear. However, this only works with ungrouped tools, so make sure you click something like the Arrange tool or Style tool, which aren't grouped together with any other tools.