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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-06-30 09:12:40

I would love PixelMator Pro to offer a solution to easily export an image as PNG or JPEG to the clipboard so that it's easy to insert my image in a document such as Google Doc, Google Slides or in a ticket such as a Jira / Zendesk ticket.
I love the "Share this image" button with shortcuts to export to PNG and JPEG with sensible settings. I imagined that this export screen could have the option to "export to clipboard" instead of exporting to disk as a file.
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2020-06-30 10:17:55

So, if I've understood correctly, you're working on a multilayered image and you'd like to copy the entire merged image rather than a single layer, is that right? If so, this is something we should be able to add — I've passed on the suggestion!
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2020-06-30 14:00:24

Came here to request the same feature. Right now i'm using 3rd party screenshot app to do this.
First I'm editing picture in Pixelmator and then take a screenshot using region selection.

But the issue is that screenshot tool always capture image in heavy PNG format, so I would like to have an option to export selected region in pixelmator to clipboard in source image format and resolution.

How it should work:

1. Add new item to export menu (Export to clipboard)

2. If selection is active, export ONLY selected region into clipboard

3. On the background temporary file (JPEG for example) should be created and clipboard must contain file object. So when you paste it on the webpage it will be in original format, not TIFF or PNG.

There is na issue with Chrome/Firefox image pasting from clipboard. Here is more info https://stackoverflow.com/questions/345 ... when-paste

I can write it more technically for developers, if this needed.
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2020-07-07 15:11:59

Thanks, Pavel, no additional info is needed, that explanation is great, we'll keep this in mind!
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2020-07-07 15:49:49

@Andrius, sorry for the late answer, yes my use case is a multi layered image. Typically I take a screenshot and I annotate it highlighting some areas, adding some comments as I would do it with Skitch.
I would like to use Pixelmator Pro to solve the image edition problems I usually solve with Skitch.
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2020-07-15 17:41:29

Pavel: There is a simple method to alter the screen shot image format. I have several terminal aliases (sorry, I use csh) that permit quickly changing formats. Below are my aliases. screen shots will comply.

alias toheic 'defaults write com.apple.screencapture type heic'

alias tojpg 'defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg'

alias topdf 'defaults write com.apple.screencapture type pdf'

alias topng 'defaults write com.apple.screencapture type png'

alias totif 'defaults write com.apple.screencapture type tif'

I used the aliases in the middle of this message to create this two images.



Cyrill (sp): Why not just make a new top level layer, perform all your annotations, text, arrows, etc on that layer then make it visible ( or invisible as desired) for your screen shots. No need to export elsewhere for a screenshot.