Keyboard Shortcut remap

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-07-06 07:45:17

Many features do not get hotkeys, and there is something you always have to look for each time in the menu and click. Tiring...
  I hope this is not such a big development, here in the MAC world it doesn't seem like a habit of changing the keyboard shortcuts.
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2019-07-15 15:25:25

For any feature found in the Pixelmator Pro menus, you can create your own keyboard shortcuts using the instructions here: ... shortcuts/

It's not quite a perfect system but, for now, we'll be sticking with it. We might potentially be able to create something in the future, though. However, since this feature would require quite a lot of development and there's an OS-level equivalent that covers most functionality, that means we'll probably be focusing our attention on other very cool features or more pressing usability improvements. Having said all that, this is on the feature request list, already, so we'll keep it in mind either way.