Saving Custom Shapes to Shapes Palette Does Not Save Paths/Components?

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2019-06-14 21:34:19

I'm getting used to Pixelmator Pro's differing workflows and I'm loving the changes. This one is curious though, when I build a custom shape with multiple Paths/Components and then drag it from the layers panel to the shapes panel, then from the shapes panel back onto the canvas it no longer contains the paths/components. I cannot select an individual part of the custom shape except to go into editing mode and command click on individual points which is very tedious! Let me know if I'm missing something here, in Pixelmator you can select individual parts of custom shapes even though it doesn't show the separate paths in the layers panel.

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2019-06-17 10:09:44

You're not missing anything here — this is the behavior we've settled on for Pixelmator Pro, though I think your feedback is definitely valid. We've been considering some other improvements to the vector tools recently and I think this might be something we can revisit if/when we start working on that!