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2019-05-03 16:56:03

I am unable to figure out how to do this and wonder if it's something that can be considered in a future release?

Sometimes I need the precision of selecting with the Pen Tool. It's much easier to get a smooth curve this way. Once an object is traced I would like to make it into a Selection so I can copy and paste it into another image.

Thanks for your consideration!
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2019-05-03 20:50:07

Hi Jeff.
I don't think that you can do this directly so I think your suggestion is valid. You can do something that is close, though. Apologies if you're already aware of this technique.
1. Draw the shape of the area you want to select with the pen tool (solid fill, no stroke).
2. Command click on the image of the shape in the layers palette. The shape will become a selection.
3. Select the layer you want to copy and copy as normal.
4. Delete or hide the shape.
Hope this helps.
- Stef.
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2019-05-06 02:56:15

Many thanks Stef! I did not think of this. Excellent!