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2019-01-23 17:14:57


Something that I often do in Photoshop is to make a selection and resize its contents.
Unfortunately if I do the same thing on Pixelmator Pro a blur is added to the border of the content.

Here you can see an example of what I mean:

As you can see in the example after the resize a blur is added to the left and right border of the resized content.
If I do the same thing on Photoshop the content is not blurred.

There is a way to disable the blur?

Thank you

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2019-01-24 09:10:32

That's a resampling issue actually — based on the resampling algorithm we use app-wide, the result is more or less correct, but it clearly gets in the way when doing tasks like this. I've passed this feedback on to the devs and it's on the to-do list. For now, there isn't a way to disable the blur, I'm afraid... I assume the video showed just a sample workflow and you don't usually resize solid colored areas like this? Because for that, you could just make a selection and fill it with a solid color, but I have a feeling your actual workflow is a little different.
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2019-01-24 12:44:22

Thank you for the answer Andrius!

Actually I find myself doing this kind of resize pretty frequently. Sometime when I work on web site and app prototypes I start from an existing sample image where I just need to do some quick edits like get rid of something or expand some part. Resizing the selection content was a quick solution for this kind of edits.