Simple copy mask (only) capability.

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-01-14 15:39:38

I recently had reason to do this. I needed a duplicate mask shape on another layer. But when you try to copy a selected mask from layer one, for example, and paste to the mask on layer seven, for example, you also get the original layer one creating a new layer (8). Now it might work if you edit the new layer 8 that was created and (copy & ) paste the original layer 7 image into it; but you can't do that either.

It would have been nice to just copy a mask and paste the mask.
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2019-01-14 15:57:13

There's actually a modifier key for this — you can hold down the Option key and drag a mask to copy it from one layer to another. It's definitely a very useful feature!
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2019-01-14 16:05:30

Andrius, thank you so much! I am not fully versed on the use of the various option key functionalities.
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2019-01-14 16:46:14

Andrius, While I'm thinking about it, is there a short cut key card that details all the functions? I'm getting tired of mousing around Pro. I use to have a Pixelmator card - but don't know about a Pro one.
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2019-01-15 08:43:10

You can find a list of shortcuts here: ... shortcuts/

This isn't completely exhaustive, but it lists pretty much all the most important ones. I've just added a few shortcuts related to working with layer masks as well.
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2019-01-15 19:05:28


Wrong brackets [or text?] for "Send selected layer(s) to the back"

I'm making a less verbose copy of that info - I will send you a copy.
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2019-01-16 08:56:35

It was the wrong word, actually — I've fixed it now, though, thanks for the heads-up!
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2019-01-16 16:16:10

Andrius, Thanks but I should have mentioned this about layers, just a thought, not applicable about brackets use in brushes which is intuitive already. (left ([) shrink, right (]) grow)
Since "move forward" puts something near the top and "move back" moves something toward the bottom, and the left, (open, beginning) bracket comes before the right, (close, ending) bracket, it would make more sense, to me, to reverse the brockets in the app and documentation - it would be more intuitive.

Bring selected layer(s) forward Command-Left Bracket ([)
Send selected layer(s) to the front Option-Command-Left Bracket ([)
Bring selected layer(s) backward Command-Right Bracket (])
Send selected layer(s) to the back Option-Command-Right Bracket (])
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2019-01-16 17:21:26

Ah, in that case, this is the Photoshop-inspired standard in image editing apps — I'm not sure if it's a good idea to reverse things here, but we'll think about it.
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2019-01-17 02:28:13

Since I have never used photoshop - which way does photoshop do it?
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2019-01-17 19:03:36

Andrius, my first pass at a more succinct keyboard shortcuts (just for me) ... rtcuts.pdf
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2019-01-18 15:22:21

Photoshop (and other image editors) do it the same way we do, i.e. the left bracket brings layers backward and the right one brings them forward (the one difference is that they use Shift-Command rather Option-Command). So it's kind of a general standard. Also, I like your PDF file! I think we could make a poster or something similar with a few more visual cues for the shortcuts like you've done...
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2019-01-18 15:30:42

Thanks Andrius, I now understand the rational for the "standard." I look forward to whatever your team produces.