Better text engine please

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-11-06 12:13:34

Pixelmator Pro adds extra weight to text objects, so I have to convert them all to shapes to reflect the true weight. This has to be a bug, right? Or am I doing something wrong?

Text should appear exactly the same as it did in Photoshop when opening/importing a PSD file. So far I have had to spend time re-adjusting everything to reach parity between the 2 versions.

-->>> Text along a path is critical for a 'Pro' app <<<--

Otherwise the latest update is really good & you have obviously listened to your customers which is quite admirable (still no variable UI font size setting but at least it's not tiny anymore...)

So close to perfect!
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2018-11-13 08:57:24

The text weight issue definitely sounds a little fishy — not something that should be happening at all. Would you be able to email us at with a few example PSDs?

As for typing on a path, we're well aware of this feature request. I do feel that we'll get around to it eventually — right now, it would most likely require a complete overhaul of the entire text engine in the app, so it really isn't a simple task and we want to address some other things first (clipping masks, adjustment layers, some interface improvements), but it is definitely somewhere on the roadmap.